In accordance with its authority under the Farm Products Marketing Act and Regulation 396, the Ontario Hatching Egg & Chick Commission is announcing today the implementation of an updated cost of production model (COP) to determine the broiler chick price effective 12:01am, May 27, 2018 for pricing period A151.
OBHECC has achieved a COP process and methodology that reflects reliable costs and espouses our COP guiding principles of supporting growth, productivity, operational excellence, competitiveness and industry sustainability. The COP implementation milestone has been achieved after extensive consultation and open dialogue with our stakeholders. OBHECC is committed to a regular review mechanism to consider meaningful input from our members, our COP Committee, and our stakeholders in areas that offer potential to enhance or refine the COP.
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Pricing Summary

Period Effective EggSet/Breeder Date Pricing Order F-1 (Breeder) Pricing Order F-2 (Hatching Egg) Effective Chick Selling Date Pricing order F-3 (Chick)
A-138 May 8, 2016 F-1 A138 F-2 A138 May 29, 2016 F-3 A138
A-139 July 3, 2016 F-1 A139 F-2 A139 July 24, 2016 F-3 A139
A-140 Aug 28, 2016 F-1 A140 F-2 A140 Sep 18, 2016 F-3 A140
A-141 Oct 23, 2016 F-1 A141 F-2 A141 Nov 16, 2016 F-3 A141
A-142 Dec 18, 2016 F-1 A142 F-2 A142 Jan 8, 2017 F-3 A142
A-143 Feb 12, 2017 F-1 A143 F-2 A143 Mar 5, 2017 F-3 A143
A-144 Apr 9, 2017 F-1 A144 F-2 A144 Apr 30, 2017 F-3 A144
A-145 Jun 4, 2017 F-1 A145 F-2 A145 Jun 25, 2017 F-3 A145
A-146 Jul 30, 2017 F-1 A146 F-2 A146 Aug 20, 2017 F-3 A146
A-147 Sep 24, 2017 F-1 A147 F-2 A147 Oct 15, 2017 F-3 A147
A-148 Nov 19, 2017 F-1 A148 F-2 A148 Dec 10, 2017 F-3 A148
A-149 Jan 14, 2018 F-1 A149 F-2 A149 Feb 4, 2018 F-3 A149
A-150 Mar 11, 2018 F-1 A150 F-2 A150 Apr 1, 2018 F-3 A150
A-151 May 6, 2018 F-1 A151 F-2 A151 May 27, 2018 F-3 A151
A-152 July 1, 2018 F-1 A152 F-2 A152 July 22,2018 F-3 A152
A-153 Aug 26, 2018 F-1 A153 F-2 A153 Sep 16, 2018 F-3 A153
A-154 Oct 21, 2018 F-1 A154 F-2 A154 Nov 11, 2018 F-3 A154
A-155 Dec 16, 2018 F-1 A155 F-2 A155 Jan 6, 2019 F-3 A155
A-156 Feb 10, 2019 F-1 A156 F-2 A156 Mar 3, 2019 F-3 A156
A-157 Apr 7, 2019 F-1 A157 F-2 A157 Apr 28, 2019 F-3 A157